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The Chrono series is composed from several version of lap timers, from infrared to antenna GPS, all the chrono with resolution in 1/100 sec, outer box in Abs and water resistant. With power supply via internal battery or 12 volts. From the Microtime series, little and cheeper, the D series multifunctional, the Racing Time series, the EVO series with Karting, Scooter racing and Minimoto application up tp RTG series with GPS antenna, avaiable also the manual version HC series. The OC GPS special interface for original chrono dash .

The stopwatch FOUR, very professional and complete stopwatch for all application, all sports and industry.

Microtime series

Abs body


Infrared kit complete with beacon or only the chrono

1 session memory 60 laps

recall all lap time

Best Lap

powered battery 3 v lithium

Dimension 69 mm x 26 mm


Cod: MT 2001

kit complete

Cod: MT 2001 mini

Kit complete minimoto version

Cod: MT 2002

Only chrono

Cod: MT 2002 mini

Only chrono minimoto version

Racing Time series

Abs body


Infrared kit complete with beacon or only the chrono

240 laps memory in multisessions

recall al lap times

Best Lap

Download data to PC

powered internal battery 3 v lithium or 12 volts

Dimension 102 mm x 57 mm


Cod: RTI 2001 Cod: RTI 2002 (12v)

complete kit with beacon

Cod: RTI 2000 Cod: RTI 2000/A (12v)

Only chrono


Abs body

Lap timer with GPS antenna 10 Hz

200 laps memory in multisession

Three different way to store the finish line:

Manual mode: you fill the coordinates latitude and longitude using Google earth

In a physical way: with yr vehicle positioned on the finish line

In automatic mode: after the first lap the finish line is stored in a fasted zone of the track

Download data to PC

Recall all lap time

Best Lap

Max speed reached

powered 12 volts

white backlight

Dimension 102 mm x 57 mm




Special version for downhill application

body in Abs

Start and Stop with button

unlimited intermediate time

reacall all data

powered with internal battery 3 volts lithium

Dimension 69 mm x 26 mm


Cod: DRC 2001


Professional stopwatch

Application: all sports and industrial

4 separate indipendent row

4 stopwatch with start/stop/split/reset

4 indipendent lap timer  

9 intermediate time for each competitor

4 count down with alarm for th last 5 seconds

4 different pacer

multistart 4 competitors or individually

digital watch

thermometer air temperature

Usb download data with software DDK 2001

powered with two internal battery lithio CR2032

Dimension: 148 mm x 54 mm


Cod: FOUR 2001